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ORIBIO Cafe Dining Nagoya is a

franchised vegetarian restaurant that

originated from ORIBIO Cafe Dining - Osaka.

"ORIBIO" is a combination of the word

"origin" and "bio (life)" .

ORIBIO Style diets are origin based.

The meet the needs of vegetarians,

macrobiotic dietitians, vegans, Halal,

Jainism, and others.

Please enjoy the fulfilling ORIBIO style

vegetarian meals made with EM grown,

organic vegetables and highly selected


             DAYS & HOURS

    ◆WEEK DAYS (Wednesdays to Thursdays)

  & Saturdays

    ・Dinner Hours   6:00p.m.〜8:00p.m. L.O

    ・Shop & Drinks  6:00p.m.~8:30p.m.


    ・Lunch Hours    11:00a.m.〜1:30p.m. L.O

    ・Shop & Drinks  11:00a.m.~2:00p.m.

     (L.O. : Last Order)


      Mondays & Tuesdays & Fridays and also

      irregularly set.  Please be sure to

      check our buisiness calendar for

      the updates on our operating

      days & hours.


Tel/Fax:  052-731-8887

  ☆Discounts on drinks available

   for advance orders made

   by 8:30 pm one day prior to arrival.

      (Discounted drink will be limited to

       one drink per person.)

Cafe Dining ORIBIO 名古屋菜食カフェレストラン 外観
Cafe Dining ORIBIO 名古屋菜食カフェレストラン メニュー オムライス
Cafe Dining ORIBIO 名古屋菜食カフェレストラン 内観 ショップ
Cafe Dining ORIBIO 名古屋菜食カフェレストラン メニュー カツサンド


​◆Click here to view our business culender.

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